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We think we're pretty cool.

Meet Billie

Founder & Inventor

In 2021, I had a small business refinishing and refurbishing furniture in my tiny basement studio. I quickly noticed the constant waste I was going through with plastic paint tray liners and knew it wasn't sustainable.

Naturally, I went to Amazon and Google to find a reusable paint tray and much to my surprise, nothing showed up.

So, then what?

It was like a spark went off in my head and I decided to jump on this opportunity that I felt like landed in my lap.

I filed my patent for the Repaint Tray, and that's when the journey began.

Listen to Billie's Story

Trust me. I get it.

I 1000% understand the frustrations (and fulfilment) of a DIY and painting project.

The supply list.

The prep.

The project itself.


I had the same pain points.

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Saving you time & creating efficiency.

Realistic Expectations

Being an ADHD entrepreneur mom who loves a challenging DIY project, time and attention spans are limited.

Started a painting project but your kid just woke up from their nap?

YEP. I've been there. 

Temporary "hacks" to save your paint with plastic garbage bags, saranwrap, or ziplock bags just not cutting it?

I hear you.

Sick of throwing out painting supplies and wasting time and money running back and forth to the store?

Same. This was me. All the time.

I created the Repaint resealable paint tray and liner just for you.

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Our Mission

Repaint Studios’ mission is to reduce the environmental impact of home improvement with our reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly painting supplies. We strive to lead by example in environmental responsibility throughout, producing sustainable solutions that safeguard our planet for future generations.

We strive to create a better world through our actions and the products we offer, by caring for our planet and the people in it.

Join us in our journey to painting a brighter and greener future.

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Our Vision for the Future

We dream about revolutionizing the world of painting and home improvement.

We are dedicated to environmental leadership and responsibility that goes beyond our products.

We are not just a business; we are a force for good. Beyond our innovative products, we use our recycled materials to help create inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities, with the desire to enrich the lives of our communities.

Our goal is to enable our customers to make environmentally conscious choices and feel proud knowing they’re contributing to a better world.

We envision a future where painting is no longer a pain, but a joyful experience. Where every step forward is a step towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and colorful world.

Our Core Values

At Repaint Studios, we strive to paint a brighter and greener future with our five core values throughout our day-to-day.

We care for others. Plain and simple. We have integrity, and show grace, forgiveness and compassion not only to ourselves, but to everyone around us.

Accessibility -

We provide accessibility for different abilities and neurodiversity. No is not the answer. If we don’t know how, we figure it out.

Imagination -

We encourage creative thinking, daydreaming and ingenuity.

Nature -

We are environmental stewards. We value the land and waters around us and strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Teamwork -

We believe in lateral leadership. We work together with encouragement and help each other when needed.

High Quality Products

Our painting supplies are not only sustainable, but they are made to stand the test of time.

We like to call it the Yeti of paint trays. The Repaint Tray's durable, sleek design makes it lightweight to carry with one hand, yet sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Think of it like Tupperware for your paint. The silicone lid fits snuggly around the Repaint liner and tray giving it an air-tight seal to keep your paint fresh.

Our reusable liners are tear proof. Maybe even bear proof. But fear not, if you do happen to damage your paint liner, we have a take back program.

While short, it's still impactful.

History of Repaint Studios

January 2021

The idea for a reusable paint tray with a lid was born.

February 2021

Provisional patent was filed.

Summer 2021

Prototyping and market reserach began.

Fall 2021

Billie went back to school and took a business entrepreneurship class.

February 2022

Non-provisional patent was filed and two weeks later, Billie had baby #2!

June 2022

Billie announced the Repaint Tray publicly for the first time and won 3rd place at the Iowa Entrefest pitch competition and was recognized as one of the Top 10 start-ups in the state.

February 2023

Manufacturing was officially established.

June 2023

The first official Repaint prototype arrived for testing!

July 2023

Mold tooling began for manufacturing the Repaint Trays.

September 2023

The first pre-production sample arrived and was approved for manufacture!

December 2023

Won the Lowe's into-the-blue global pitch competition for the paint department & first round orders arrived.

February 1, 2024

The Repaint Tray officially launched into the market!

Can we all just agree

It's time to paint a greener future.