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Our reusable paint trays, liners, and lid sets are made of high-quality silicone, making them more durable than traditional thin plastic liner alternatives.


Our eco-friendly paint tray and liner system are made with non-hazardous and non-toxic silicone materials, making it safer for your home and the environment.

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Millions of plastic paint tray liners end up in landfills every year. Switching to the Repaint Tray reduces plastic waste and water usage.


Unlike plastic liners, the Repaint Tray system is eco-friendly because it can be recycled even after a lifetime of use.

No more flimsy plastic liners. No more garbage bags. No more cling wrap, foil or zip-lock.

This is the Ultimate DIY Hack.

Ready whenever YOU want to paint.

We get it. Free time is few and far between, so painting that guest bedroom in one sitting isn't always realistic.

Now with the Repaint Tray air-tight lid, you can start and stop painting whenever you want and your paint will remain fresh. Our reusable paint tray liner, and lid combo will keep will keep paint fresh for weeks at a time.

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And whenever you want to clean up.

You just finished painting, but now you have supplies to clean up. We say screw it.

Let the paint dry in your liner and don't stress about the cleanup. Just peel out the paint and rinse whenever you need to use your tray again.

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It's Time for a Change .

With millions of plastic paint trays and liners entering landfills every year, we knew there was a problem, so we sought to fix it by offering, professional painters, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists an eco-friendly paint tray option.

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What sets us apart:

Built to Last: We like to call it the "yeti" of paint trays. Our tough metal tray combined with our high quality silicone materials, means the Repaint Tray will stand the test of time.

Better for the Planet: We're committed to sustainability from the ground up. Not only are you reducing plastic waste from entering landfills, but if your liner or lid becomes damaged, we will gladly take them back to be properly recycled.

Game Changer: We're changing the way painting is done. You can tackle that painting project now on your own terms and timeline while still achieving that professional finish.


How it works in 3 easy steps:

Meet Billie

Founder & Inventor

Billie is an avid DIYer, mom of two, a creative spirit, and runs on coffee and Cheez-its.

In early 2021 she started a small business refinishing and refurbishing furniture in her tiny basement studio.

She quickly noticed how many plastic paint tray liners were stacking up in the garbage and searched for something more sustainable.

To her surprise, nothing showed up. That's when the idea to make her own reusable, eco-friendly paint tray came to mind, and the Repaint Tray was born.

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It's time to start painting a greener future.

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