Reduce. Reuse. Repaint.


Did you know there are roughly 240 million plastic paint tray liners going into landfills every year?

Trust us. We've been there. After looking at the garbage can full of used, non-recyclable plastic paint tray liners, we knew this wasn't sustainable and decided to make a change.

The Repaint Tray is the solution.

When it comes to the environment, silicone is highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic.

Silicone is non-toxic and less harmful to aquatic and soil organisms and isn't considered hazardous waste compared to traditional single-use plastic liners with paint remaining in them. Because the Repaint Tray can be reused, you'll likely only need one paint tray liner for the rest of your life.

One single Repaint silicone liner can be used for much longer than a single plastic paint tray or liner.

Silicone resists oxidative deterioration (normal aging) for decades on end. In fact, studies show that silicones thrive on challenges, including exposure to extreme heat and cold, harsh chemicals, sterilization, rain, snow, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, just to name a few.

Repaint Recycling Program: How to recycle your Repaint liner and lid.

Step 1. Fill out the form below.

Step 2. Box up your damaged recyclable paint tray liner or lid and use the provided shipping label.

Step 3. Drop off your package at the post office or nearest UPS drop off site.

Step 4. Once we receive your damaged paint liner and/or lid, you will receive a discount code to purchase a new Repaint Tray!

Recycling Request

Please fill out the form below to request a shipping label to return your repaint paint tray liner and/or lid for recycling.

In the comment section, please tell us which item is damaged or unusable.

DO NOT put your silicone liner or lid in the recycling bin.

Recycling services are expanding the range of materials they collect every year, but if you can’t find a local spot to recycle your silicone paint tray liner or lid, we will gladly take it back and make sure it gets recycled properly.

At Repaint Studios, we recycle our paint tray liners with Terra Cycle who can properly recycle silicone materials to be made into rubber playground surfaces for inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities.

Recycling the unrecyclable.

Who is TerraCycle?

Overconsumption and a throwaway culture have led to a global waste crisis.

TerraCycle's mission is to eliminate the idea of waste. By working with companies like us, through collaboration and innovation, we are able to recycle the "unrecyclable" materials.

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