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Our Repaint community is a tight group of like-minded individuals with DIYers, painters, contractors, muralists, and artists, painting a brighter and greener future.

Benefits of becoming a brand ambassador.

Merch, discounts, exclusive new product releases, and of course our personal fav, a Repaint Tray.

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Why team up with us?

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Supporting Woman Owned.

By joining the team, you're not only helping spread the word on a revolutionary product in the painting industry, but you're supporting a dream and a Woman Owned business.

Reducing Plastic Waste.

Millions of plastic paint tray liners enter landfills every year from home improvement and DIY projects. By promoting the Repaint Tray, you're helping reduce plastic waste from entering our waters and landfills and painting a greener future.


We're a baby business, still in the growth phases. By joining our ambassador program now, you get the thrill of growing alongside us. With that growth comes bigger commissions, bigger rewards, and a bigger paycheck.

Plus, you get to say you were part of a business that transformed the trajectory of the DIY and painting industry.


FAQ on Becoming a Repaint Brand Ambassador.

Do I need a profile dedicated to DIY, painting, etc?

We like to see that your social media profile is public and dedicated mainly to DIY, painting, murals, art, home improvement, etc.

Do I need a minimum amount of followers?

We work with content creators of all sizes, although we prefer you have a minimum of 1,500-2,000 followers to start.

Can I add the affiliate link in my blog, website, linktree, etc?


Do you take Media Kits or do larger partnerships?

We're still a baby business, so we're not able to take on larger paid partnerships at the moment, however, please send your media kit to, so we can hold onto it for the near future.

How often do I need to post?

Our only requirement is that you post one reel and on your stories within 60 days of receiving your Repaint Tray. After that, it is up to you how frequently you share the Repaint Tray. However, if we notice there's been inactivity for longer than 9+ months, you could run the risk of being removed as a brand ambassador. If you plan on taking a leave from social media for an extended period, please let us know so you don't get removed.

What social media platforms can I use my affiliate link with?

You're welcome to use your affiliate link on your preferred platform or all of them - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and YouTube shorts, Twitter, blogs, etc.

If you are primarily active on Tiktok, please sign up for our Tiktok Shop separately.

Do you offer discount codes?

Not at the moment however, we may provide discount codes for our ambassadors around certain holidays, or peak seasons.

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