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ADHD + DIY = FML ... Reusable Paint Tray to the Rescue!

ADHD + DIY = FML ... Reusable Paint Tray to the Rescue!

It’s not hard to spot a DIY’er with ADHD.

They often go ALL IN on a project, only to leave it half done. They are big dreamers with big DIY energy, but only compact windows of opportunity to capitalize on it.

As someone who suffers/thrives with ADHD, partially painted projects used to mean tragically wrapped trays, tossed paint rollers and a triggered spouse… but thanks to the Repaint Tray, I can just tell them to put a lid on it. (The paint tray, of course.)

The Repaint Tray is an absolute life hack for anyone that ever needs to press pause on painting.

The reusable silicone paint tray liner provides safe keeping for brushes and paint for up to three weeks with its airtight lid. THREE WEEKS! That’s just enough time for my ADHD brain to start seven new DIY projects and find my way back to this one with renewed enthusiasm.

Looking for more life hacks for DIY’ing with ADHD? Stop fighting against your tendencies and make friends with them instead using these tips and tricks:

  • Speaking of friends, try painting with a pal! “Body doubling” is a proven ADHD practice that means having another person around to help you stay accountable and supported for what you wanted to get done. Plus - friends make everything more fun.
  • Set alarms to create working windows that feel feasible for you. With this eco-friendly paint tray liner and it’s reusable air-tight lid, it’s never been easier to walk away from a painting project to pick up again later!
  • Play music while painting! You’ll likely improve your focus and attention span by mixing in some music or movement like dancing and singing. 

*Cue Beyoncé*  “If you like it then you better put a lid on it…”

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