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The Repaint Tray: A Breakthrough for Artists and DIY Enthusiasts

The Repaint Tray: A Breakthrough for Artists and DIY Enthusiasts


The Repaint Tray was on the News!

"This invention is the best thing that has been created in years," says Johnathan Miller, National Staging Expert, Luxury Interior Designer and TV personality.

The Repaint Tray is 100% reusable and replaces the one-time-use plastic trays. Thousands of plastic paint trays end up in landfills each year. But with the Repaint Tray, cleanup is a breeze! Let the paint dry and peel it off or scrub it with soap and water and use it again.

Paint When it Suits You.

Move over, flimsy plastic liners! The Repaint Tray brings durability to the forefront with its high-quality silicone composition. It's not just tough; it's also environmentally conscious, made from non-toxic and non-hazardous materials, ensuring safety for your home and the planet. Redefining paint projects, the Repaint Tray is sustainable, revolutionary, and a DIY game changer! 

Thanks for the story feature, Johnathan!

To read more from Johnathan's blog or to read the full article, check out his website here.

Let's paint a greener future together. Visit to grab the innovative, reusable paint tray for yourself!

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