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Entrepreneur, Billie Asmus Makes a Splash at Lowe’s Into the Blue: Product Pitch Event

Entrepreneur, Billie Asmus Makes a Splash at Lowe’s Into the Blue: Product Pitch Event

Billie Asmus of Repaint Studios in Hampton, IA made a splash at the 2023 “Into the Blue: Lowe’s Product Pitch Event” held on December 5, 2023 in Charlotte, NC. Competitors traveled from around the world to compete in this global pitch competition after a rigorous application process. Asmus’s invention, the Repaint Tray, received the coveted Gold Ticket and the largest purchase order in the Paint Department category. The Repaint Tray will be available in Lowe’s stores across the nation and online in 2024.

Repaint Studios is forward-thinking, woman-owned startup focused on reducing the environmental impact of home improvement with reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly painting supplies. The Repaint Tray is the first of its kind to offer a sustainable solution for painters and DIY enthusiasts. With its innovative design, entirely constructed in eco-friendly recyclable materials, the Repaint tray effectively reduces paint waste and simplifies the clean-up process. The design eliminates the need for single-use plastic paint tray liners, significantly reducing the environmental impact and landfill contribution.

In 2021, Asmus invented the Repaint Tray while running a small business refinishing and refurbishing furniture. Disappointed by the lack of sustainable products on the market, Asmus saw an opportunity to invent something entirely new. She filed a patent and enrolled in the Fall 2021 Venture School hosted by the NIACC Pappajohn Center in Mason City, an eight-week entrepreneurial training program. Asmus used this opportunity to perfect her product, market position, and business plan. Read the full article here.

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